The Indian education format ranges in standards right from the kinder garden to 12th standard. Those who have successfully completed their 12th standard education without any backlogs are eligible to take up the bachelor's program or degree in US universities. Also with students having the backlogs due to health reasons or disability should mention the reason a certificate confirming the same to make sure right data is given to the US colleges. Here the most important point to remember is the fact that is the world is very competitive. There will always be other students from various countries having more grades than student from India and also well versatile in all aspects so it is extremely important for students to give one standardized test to make sure everybody is judged on equal basis. SAT test is the most vital part of the admission process. It covers variety of subjects ranging form pure sciences to mathematics.

It means anyone in Indian system successfully completed all education till 12 Standard is eligible to go for bachelors in US.

The Documents That Are To Be Submitted To Colleges Along With Other Details Are:

  • Indian School Certificate.
  • High School Certificate.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate.
  • Extra-curricular activities certificate.
  • Voluntary work done and certificates for same.
  • For physically challenged students and certificates or proofs showing the same.
  • Winning project competitions at some state or national level can also add to profile.
  • Report cards of the final examinations need to be submitted and also signed by the principal or the head master of the school.
  • The reports should include the individual score and the relative score means the average of class and how far score form the first ranker of class.
  • Since the grading standards vary in some country and the other it is extremely important for the administration of the system to also include what grading scares and standards were prevalent at the time student was in that period.
  • If the transcripts are in a language other than English then they need to be translated into English before submission and this should not be avoided at any cost otherwise fair chances of rejection.
  • The school report should clearly talk about the conduct of the student and all other achievement and of the chances of student will do in the university-level studies.

Also the SAT score can play a very major role in deciding whether one will be selected in particular university or not.


Anyone through with 16 years of formal education is eligible to go for master's program in US. This in other words means 10+2+ four year of degree or 10+2+ three year of diploma or degree is eligible. Though universities being flexible. If you are able to convenience the authority that you have the aptitude to learn the program and will contributed in future in the same then you can be in. There are cases where students having done their graduation before 10 to 15 years are also admitted to prominent colleges.

Majority of the students are found coming from universities where the grading system is not the same. Some universities in India go for 100 scales and some other go for grades and some go for percentiles. Hence the selection is mainly done on the basis of the calculated GPA which can be calculated as per the instructions given in previous pages but still no specific form of formula is there which can be generalized to show GPA of students of various universities.

The Most Vital Part Of The Master's Program Is The Over-All Profile Of An Individual:
  • Transcript.
  • Statement of purpose or essay.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Extra curricular activities certificates.
  • Proof or certificate if involved in social work.
  • Industrial training certificate.
  • Summer internship certificate.
  • Research papers published.
  • Any related book written.
  • Paper presentations won at national and international level.
  • Involved in government organization for betterment of society through the field of interest.
  • Good amount of management related work or experience already done like organizing events or done job (only applicable for GMAT applicants).

It is always good if the recommended letters are from some PhD honored professors or doctorates since that creates a good impact on the over-all profile of the individual.
The most vital part is the GRE and GMAT scores. Even good scores at these tests can compensate for lower GPA's and vice verse. Even the fact that good GPA's and low scores at GRE and GMAT can still make their eligible for the admission process and they might give a thought. In short, they all many set of parameters to admit a particular student in a particular university.


The most flexible of all is the eligibility criteria for the Doctorate Program. A good profile consisting right from the school level to graduation to masters will lead to Doctorate provided that good amount of research work already done in the respective field or Good grades obtained in the Master's program with decent project completed. Research papers submitted at some international conferences along with Teaching in colleges or industrial experience do at to the profile in a very impressive manner.

Mainly seen that doctorate program requires some special hard work and good track record to get the admission. Research work is must in master's program also the fact that it is done from which university. Good scores at GRE are must for MS since they want students for doctorate to be above average mainly for most of the top 5 universities do want score to be around 1500 in GRE along with strong research work done. This can only help them to even dream about admission in those universities. The only reason they make it so much of rigorous is the fact that thousand s of students apply every year for the same and university gives even 100 percentage scholarship when it comes down to giving the doctorate degree so they are looking for real talents and people with tremendous achievement so that whatever they are paying for get s worth the money.

Also the fact that working as a research assistant in some universities or even working research and development fields in some companies can surely add to the profile a big way.
The selection process being very much in the hands of universities one must make sure not to get stuck by the time selection is done since one should not take up that amount of risk in wasting time but should start applying in other universities too since the program may range from 3 to 6 years and application done at the right time will not waste years of applicant.

There are also very few universities who seriously give good degrees for doctorate and competition being very high so following seems to be an over-view of what your profile should be around if even wanting to get admitted in these sort of program:

  • Strong Research area of interest
  • Strong Recommendation letters from well qualified people
  • Proof and certificates of original work done
  • Good academic track record
  • Good GRE score (minimum above 1450 and sometimes above 1500)
  • Good TOEFL scores
  • Research paper published with clear description of their originality
  • Any books written and in the area same as the applied course

Most of the funds are provided for the research work and so is the fact that the laboratory equipments are also up to the mark. What universities look for are real applicants who by using the related stuff can create something extremely new and hence give credit to the university.

Checklist Of Required Documents For Admission Into USA Universities

For a bachelors program a 10+2 year of basic education is required. 12+4 years of basic education is required to pursue a master's degree in the USA. 12+4 years of basic education and relevant work ex is required for an MBA program. There are two major intakes in most of the universities, schools and colleges of USA – fall (Sept.) and Spring (Jan). Deadlines for fall intake start from January and for spring from October. For an entire application procedure a student requires around 8-9 months of time.

Document Description of Document
Degree Certificate & Provisional/Course completion whichever is available). In sealed envelopes to be attested by The Registrar of University/Controller of Exams Provisional/Course completion Certificate required for final year students. Original attestation on Photocopy
Individual Mark statements and consolidated. All memos required including retakes In sealed envelopes to be attested by The Registrar of University/Controller of Exams. Only Consolidated mark sheet will not be accepted. Original attestation on Photocopy
10+2 / equivalent mark sheet. In sealed envelopes to be attested by the College Principal/Technical Board. Original attestation on Photocopy
10th / equivalent mark sheets In sealed envelopes to be attested by The School Principal.Original attestation on Photocopy
TOEFL Notarized. (Official ETS reporting should be done by the Student )Photocopy
GRE/GMAT/SAT Notarized (Official ETS reporting should be done by the Student)Photocopy
Recommendation Letters (Min. 3 Nos.)One from HOD; other two from concerned dept. professors. In sealed envelopes with attestation (inside outside)Date should be mentioned. Original Letterhead Different formats
Statement of Purpose (SOP)Approx. 750 words) To be prepared by the student on A4 size paper and duly signed.Hard & Soft copy
Bank Statement Student cannot be a partner in joint a/c Signed by the Bank Manager with a seal of the bank, A/c no. & Date Approx. amount equivalent to US$44,000 Original Bank Letterhead
Affidavit of Support Signed by the Sponsor & has to be notarized on Rs. 10 Stamp PaperOriginal
Passport First & last 2 pages Photocopy
Photograph Color, Standard passport sized photograph
Other Certificates (if any) i.e. extra curricular activities Photocopy
Resume Duly Signed Hard & Soft copy
Experience Letter Required if > 6 months gap/showing experience in Resume Photocopy