USA Application Procedure


First and the foremost thing regarding the beginning of the application process is concerned is finding the right college. Going to a foreign land and settling there for some amount of time is not the easier thing to be done but it everything is well planned then it is surely not the hardest thing to be done. With the advent of all things available and world being global it is easy to find more and more people going to that part of the world to make a mark. In the entire process so of mental support from the same community people settling there really gives a good chance for new comers to get into the system as early as possible. As far as the application process is concerned, the following way as seen from the past records may help to plan things better and gather all the relevant documents right form the beginning since we are submitting to some unknown body and many obstacles may come in-between so making it really early can help to get the proof read of the entire application as a whole and get the best impact out of it.

18 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Finding and researching the colleges and respective programs one want to get in
  • Understanding the fee structure of the course or program undertaken
  • Finding related seniors or people of the same community staying there and studying
  • If everything gets into the terms then preparing to take up the exam

12-14 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Choosing the right college or university
  • Collect information from the brochures available
  • Take required entrance exams
  • Sometimes enough information is already available in the website of the respective colleges.

10-12 Months Before U.S. Study

  • If necessary request the forms and related information again since it might look bit difficult at first sense to fill in all the details and submit
  • Take a broad look at your reference and supply them with the respective reference forms
  • One should get the transcript from the college for the full details of the course and related subjects studied in the tenure
  • The statement of purpose need to written sometimes they even make you write the so called essay to give them an insight on what a student really thinks about the education in United States
  • The major reason why students take up the examination so early is that they can retake it whenever they feel the score is not meeting the expectation and they might feel they won't get into the respective colleges they wish to study in.

10 Months Before U.S. Study

  • After enough of the final look and the proof read, mail the applications
  • Even electronic mails are also done but they take bit of overhead

3 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Apply for the student visa
  • It is always viable to make sure about the aid available relating to health concerns so do research about the health insurance options for the tenure one is there in United States.
  • Making the travel arrangements when one arrives in United States.


An applicant for a student visa must come to the United States to pursue an academic program in an institution recognized by, and affiliated with, the United States government. The alien must have a valid educational purpose for coming to the United States. The student can stay in the United States for as long as he/she is enrolled in school.

Undergraduate Students:

Graduate Students:

Note: GMAT required for students who is willing to go for Management Program i.e. MBA.