All about the IELTS Writing Module

All about the IELTS Writing Module


IELTS Writing Tasks test candidates writing ability in English language. There are two types of IELTS Writing modules: Academic and General. Candidate chooses the module according to his/her purpose of going abroad. For study purpose, Academic Writing test is taken; and for work purpose, General Writing test is taken. Both modules last for 60 minutes in which students have to work on two tasks within stimulated timeframe.

Academic Writing:
The IELTS academic writing test goes for 60 minutes and candidates have two complete two tasks: one of 120 words and other of 250 words in stipulated time. In the first task, candidate has to describe information given in form of pie chart, graphs, form, etc. In the second task, candidate has to elaborate on a given opinion or an issue.

Academic Writing Task 1:
In the first task, candidate is provided with some information in the form of graphics or diagrams. Candidate studies it and gives a descriptive report with a word length of 150 based on the given information. It is suggested to spend 20 minutes on this task.
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Academic Writing Task 2:
In this task, candidate is given a very general issue or opinion and expected to write down 250 words on the given topic. In this task, candidate is assessed based on their logic ability and communication skills. The topics given are easily understandable by candidates of graduate and undergraduate level. It is suggested to spend 40 minutes on this topic as it is larger than the task 1.

General Writing:
Duration of IELTS General writing it 60 minutes in which candidate is given two tasks: one of 150 words and other is 250 words. Task 1 is always a letter, and task 2 is an essay on the given topic. Topics are very general, and no specialist knowledge is required. Topics may be related to health and welfare, shops and services, current affair, etc.

General Writing Task 1:
In task 1, candidate is expected to write a letter that could be semi-formal or formal in response to the given topic. Question is given in form of three bullet points. Length of the letter should be 150 words, and suggested time is 20 minutes.

General Writing Task 2:
In task 2, candidate has to write a descriptive essay on the given statements related to any issue, opinion or argument. Candidate has to provide factual information based on these students in the length of 250 words. Suggested duration for this task is remaining 40 minutes.

In the IELTS Writing test, candidate is assessed on task response, coherence and cohesion; grammar usage, accuracy and vocabulary resource.

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