ger-scholarship & Funding


Germany is famous for cost effective higher studies because German Government provides lots of scholarships and funding to universities to promote higher education. German Constitution has made the education free in the country though some universities charge minimal fee. Getting admitted in any of the German Universities is only half the battle won, major task is to get the scholarships or findings for the course. There are number of options available for even students from abroad and studying in Germany in never that tough because of the heavy expenses. There are many universities who charge very less fee and that also can be funded under different schemes launched by German Government. Many institutions in Germany offer financial support to students, but the key for scholarship-seekers is to stand out. Getting financed in Germany not only requires higher grades and intelligence, but personality and social engagement is also considered, so you have to excel in all these domains.

There are many programs offered by German Universities which are specially meant for International Students both for graduate and post-graduate courses. It is very important to remain informed and apply early because there are thousands of applicants for each seat which is financed. In last few years, only 3 to 5 percent of students were funded by scholarships so you must always keep in mind to finance your studies through other mediums as well. Most scholarships offered to the students studying in Germany include the living cost in Germany also. Also there are possibilities to get work permit in Germany for part time to earn the living expenses there.

We always guide our students with best ways to get funding from German Government or Universities. You have got funds from government and then you also work then amount you get from part-time work is deducted from the scholarship. The coalition of German student unions has put together helpful information about scholarship opportunities on their website, and the German Academic Exchange Service (German: DAAD) also has an extensive database of scholarship opportunities. Students facing tough financial circumstances can seek help from student unions or sometimes even from religious associations affiliated with universities that offer support to students.

Germany is the most peaceful country according to global peace index which ranks it on 15th position better many European countries which makes it a preferable destination for foreign students who intend to pursue higher studies abroad. Germany is a strong nation in terms of economy and education. This nation has produced and is still producing a number of famous scientists, inventors, philosophers, geographers, musicians, composers, etc. It is a country that offers immense scope of development with respect to educational and professional qualifications. Germany's higher education institutions enjoy an excellent reputation. Teaching and research provide key impulses for innovation and progress. The German institutions have state-of-the art equipments and labs to provide students with the best conditions for excellent studies

The landscape of Germany's higher education is very diverse and varied. It offers thousands of degree programmes, more than 300 institutions and lots of different credentials and degrees. This implies that you can choose a programme that caters to your needs from among the vast variety of courses offered by this country. You can take a research-oriented programme at a Universitat (university) or a more practice-focused course at a Fachhochschule which is university of applied sciences or an artistic programme at one of the Kunst-, Film-, or Musikhochschulen (colleges of art, film or music). Many programmes and subjects are offered by all three types of institutions, which widens your choice even further. IF you already hold a degree, then you can choose to enter a postgraduate or doctoral programme for advanced qualifications.