I've been refused Canada student visa once? Can I apply under SPP program?

No. To apply under SPP the student should have never been refused a study permit to Canada. If a visa is once refused then the student has to apply outside SPP.

Can I apply without IELTS?

No, Minimum score of IELTS 6.0 band is compulsory to under SPP for Post Secondary Courses and IELTS 6.5 bands for Post Graduate Courses.

Do SPP Colleges offer an MBA program?

Most of the SPP Colleges offer Diploma, Bachelors, Graduate diploma and PG Diploma. Vancouver Island University is in the SPP list and offers MBA program.

My age is 32 years. I want to my PG Diploma in Business Management, can I apply under SPP?

Yes, you are eligible to apply under SPP as long as you can show the genuine reason as to why at this age you want to study PG Diploma course in Canada.

I'm married and I want to bring my wife along? Can I apply for an open work permit for her?

It is a bit difficult to get an open work permit for a dependent. Though, it is not impossible. There are three ways to apply for a open work permit. Firstly, you can apply for the open work permit while applying for your student visa. Secondly, you may apply for a open work permit for her once you reach Canada. Thirdly, you may apply a visitor visa for her and then upon her arrival in Canada, you may apply for an open work permit.

How good are the colleges which are not a part of the SPP?

Canada has a well established education system looked after independently by each province. Even the big universities are not a part of the SPP as they do not come under the definition of Student Partnership Program however they are quality institutions. You need to be cautious while selecting a private school or college. They have their own values for education; student's applying to such institutions will be assessed under general category. Click here to know more about Canadian education system for studying abroad.

What are the chances of getting visa in a non SPP college?

Though, applying under SPP the file gets priority assessment in terms of processing time and less documentation. Under General Category the student is required to provide more documentation in terms of financial capabilities and it does not in any way lessen chances of visa approval.

Can I apply for PNP without having studied under SPP?

SPP is not linked to PNP. PNP or Provincial Nomination Program has its own requirement. It is open for all the students who have studied under any category and keen to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

Can I get work permit in Canada if I do not study under SPP?

Work permit scheme is open to all the international students who have graduated with proper qualification from any of the accredited institutions. Work permit has its own requirement and each student should qualify those requirements. According to the present status of work permit in Canada, a student whose duration of course is for two years or more will get a work permit for 3 years in Canada. If the duration of study is for less than 2 years then the duration of work permit will be equal to the duration of study.