About USA


It would be impossible to fit all of the highlights of the USA on one page. However, you shouldn't miss out on the wonders of New York, California, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Grand Canyon, Miami, New England and Washington. New York City could very well be the Capital of the World with a population of around 7.5 million people. Just a few of the highlights of New York that you must see are the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square. There are also some of the best museums in the world including The Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and American Museum of Modern History. New York is also famous for its great shopping, food and Broadway theatres.


California is exactly like it is portrayed on films with the beaches, Beverley Hills mansions and the fancy cars. There are many places to see here, however, the main attractions are San Francisco, L.A, Disneyland, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Death Valley, Malibu, Kings Canyon, Beverley Hills, Santa Cruz and Sunset Strip. Las Vegas is located in Nevada and is the casino capital of the world. Glitter Gulch is the part of the city where you will see possibly the most neon lights you have ever seen. Here you can go out at night and it looks like broad daylight. Vegas Vic and Sassy Sal are located here, two of the best-known neon icons in the country. You should also visit The Mirage, Circus Circus, Grand Slam Canyon and the Imperial Palace Auto Museum.

New Orleans

New Orleans is located at the foot of Louisiana. While in New Orleans you can't miss the French Quarter, which houses all of the signature tourist icons, Bourbon Street with its wild nightlife, Royal Street where you can see an assortment of street musicians, artists, fortune tellers and mimes doing their thing on the sidewalk, the Old US Mint's Mardi Gras Museum, St Louis Cemetery No 1, the Garden District, the Audubon Zoological Gardens, Tulane University, the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, the Historic Voodoo Museum and the Aquarium of the Americas.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is the most famous natural attraction in the USA. It is definitely a must see attraction on your visit, it is a massive 443km long, 16km wide and 1.6km deep.


Miami is Florida's most populated city. It is filled with Latin American culture. You cannot visit Miami without going to Miami Beach, with it's beaches, clubs and bars and home to the Art Deco Historic District, a collection of bright pink, lavender and turquoise buildings dating from the 1920s. You should also visit The Promenade, Little Havana and Key Biscayne.

New England

The main place to visit in New England is Boston. While here you must see Salem Street, Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Paul Revere House, the 1723 Old North Church, Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market, Beacon Hill, Cambridge, Charlestown, the Bunker Hill Monument, Monument Square and the Long Wharf on the eastern waterfront.

Washington DC

You cant visit the USA without stopping off at the Nationals capital, Washington DC. Washington DC is most famous for Capitol Hill, the National Mall, the White House, Watergate and Mt Vernon. You should try to see all of these are they are some America's most important sights.


Immigration is one of the defining characteristics of America's national identity. There are also Native Americans and African Americans. Americans are given freedom of worship; common faiths include Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism, among others. There are indigenous faiths as well, such as Christian Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.


The currency is titled the U.S. Dollar and coins come in the denominations of 1c (penny), 5c (nickel), 10c (dime), 25c (quarter), 50c (half-dollar). Notes come in the denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.


Most commonly spoken is American English. However, Spanish is spoken in parts of southern California, New Mexico, Texas and Miami. There are also 400,000 speakers of Native American. Modern American culture is a mass culture garnished with 15 minutes of fame. It owes as much to marketing savvy, communications technology and mass-production techniques as it does to artists and entertainers.The global distribution of American movies and TV shows has shaped the world's perception of the country to a huge degree. The American music industry is the world's biggest, it includes American pop, African American influences, including blues, jazz and hip-hop and Rap.

After WWII, the focus of the international art world shifted from Paris to New York. This created the first distinct American painting style, abstract expressionism. When we think of US cities, we think of skyscrapers, those architectural testaments to market forces and American optimism. Chicago is a living museum of high-rise development. New York boasts its fair share of stunners too. Despite increasing homogenization, rural America retains its idiosyncrasies, and distinctive vernacular architectural styles persist in New England (clapboard), California (Spanish Mission) and New Mexico (adobe).Popular American sports include homegrown games such as baseball, football and basketball and also Soccer and ice hockey.


Being the country that is leading the world, the U.S. has all modes of transport from air travel to buses to cars to walking.

Air Travel

is the most practical way of travelling this vast land because of the great distances that might need to be travelled. The country has twelve domestic airlines and over twenty international airlines that fly in and out daily. By purchasing tickets as far ahead as possible you will receive the cheapest rates, last minute tickets are the most expensive so pre-book those tickets whilst planning your holiday.


are a form of travel that is not as fast as air travel but can hold many experiences that planes cannot. This form of travel is cheaper than air travel and is some times considered for the poor but it is still a convenient way to travel. Again pre-booked tickets are the cheapest so it wouldn't hurt to arrange tickets when planning your holiday.


are generally priced between air and bus travel and can hold advantages over both other forms. Trains can be faster than buses in some circumstances and they also have better scenery than both bus and air travel. Again pre-booked tickets are the cheapest so booking ahead is recommended.

Car Travel

is a good way to travel within a city but be sure to observe speed limits and obey all road rules (especially which side they drive on). It would be best to do your research into the rules of the road in the U.S.

Boat & Ferry

is a great way to travel because the U.S. has so many lakes, rivers and harbors. This mode of transport is scenic, relaxing and reasonably priced.

Inner City & Local Transport

Inner City & Local Transport: most major cities have subways, buses and taxis. These are convenient modes of transport. Taxis/Cabs do require tips at the end of the trip (10-15%).